Friday, May 25, 2012

Urban explorer's kit bag

This week's project is partly based on a sailor's kit bag, and will be similar to the one the boy is carrying in the film trailer for The Lost Thing in my previous post. I'll show you pictures of it as I make it, and at the end of the project I'll give you a link to download a free PDF of the full pattern and instructions.

Today I'm starting to gather some of the bits and pieces I think I'll need for the project, and drawing up some sketches and plans in my visual journal. I've started a fresh journal just for this Steampunk Style blog, and I'll be sharing some of the pages from it in these posts.

A visual journal is a great tool for a crafty person: you can paste in pictures, draw sketches of your ideas and even tape swatches of fabric and other materials in it. As well as helping you work out what you want to do next, it makes a great record of the project when you're finished, or an aide memoire if you ever want to make it again.

If you'd like to learn more about using a visual journal, check out my friend Sharon's online class.

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