Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Purple lining

Here's how I made the lining for Pandora's Hatbox.
I used spray-on fabric glue (spray it onto both the inside of the hatbox and the back of the fabric for best adhesion) for the sides of the box and lid, then secured the edges with quick-grip liquid craft adhesive. The first step is to apply the lining around the inside of the barrel of the hatbox; after I'd glued down the edge I used bulldog clips to hold it in place while it dried.
To make the lid and base lining, I first traced the base of the hatbox twice onto cardboard and cut out two discs (cut about 5mm or a quarter inch inside the traced line so that the discs will fit inside the box). Then I gathered one edge of a strip of fabric very tightly to form a circle. With the gathered edge in the centre of the cardboard disc, turn the whole thing over and gather the other edge of the fabric so that it draws up on the other side of the disc.
I glued these fabric-covered discs into the lid and the base of the hatbox. (Note that I said last week that I was going to use paper to line the lip of the lid, but I decided to use the fabric because it was quite thin.) Apply the glue in the centre and around the outer edge of the disc, then use a couple of heavy books to squash it into place while the glue dries.
The final step is to add a button to cover up the gathered edges in the centre. I made these buttons by gathering a small circle of the fabric over a small, round badge, then glued them in place (I used the heavy books again). I'll post pictures of the finished hatbox in a day or two, when I've got the full instructions ready in my etsy store.

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