Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Map of the future

I'm making a cover for my visual journal that will feature an embroidered map of my local area. The first step is to cut the fabric slightly larger than the finished size of the cover (so that it can be held in an embroidery hoop), then mark the outlines of the map design using a water-soluble fabric marker. Here's a tip: if you make a mistake with the marker, simply redraw the line then use a cotton bud (Q-tip) dipped in a drop of water to remove the unwanted line.
The water-soluble marker will fade with time, because of the moisture in the air and on your skin as you handle the fabric. So begin by stitching the major outlines and shapes on the fabric and leave the other details for later.
Please keep coming back to this blog to see more progress on my Map of the Future and, eventually, to find out when the pattern will be available from my etsy store. Or sign up for my newsletter in the sidebar to get a free pattern and an email whenever a new design is available.

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